About us

Castinq bring together the casting call community to experience an easier way for talents to manage their gigs and for businesses or individuals to manage applicants from talents.

Talents can now create their Castinq profile with their demo reels and input their talent experience. Thereafter, talents can then apply to matching casting calls, track application statuses, enjoy privacy by using our in-app chat messaging and increased their credibility by exchanging reviews. Say goodbye to emailing your demo reel countless number of times and not knowing the statuses of your application.

For those who want to seek talents for your projects, which you will be known as a Casting Manager in Castinq, can now use post up your gigs, invite suitable talents to apply to your casting calls, easily manage talent applications with our user-friendly checklist via your dashboard, communicate with shortlisted talents via our in-app chat messaging first and increase your credibility by exchanging reviews.

Casting Managers can now remove all the messiness such as receiving countless WhatsApp texts or emails from applicants and many more. Enhance your productivity and workflow by viewing a more organized overview of talents, applicants, shortlisted talents and hired talents.

The Castinq Way